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I am writing to you today to provide a comprehensive overview of Manya's holistic progress at ISGS Thane over the past two years. During this time, she has demonstrated remarkable growth in academics, co-curricular activities, and personal development. Academics: Manya has consistently maintained a strong academic performance. Her dedication to her studies is evident in her excellent grades and active participation in class discussions. Her [mention specific subjects she excels in] skills are particularly noteworthy, consistently exceeding expectations. Manya's commitment to learning extends beyond the classroom, as she actively seeks out additional challenges and opportunities to expand her knowledge. Co-curricular Activities: Manya's talents extend far beyond the academic realm. She actively participates in a variety of co-curricular. activities, showcasing her diverse interests and leadership potential. Her involvement in [mention specific activities and achievements] has not teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Manya's enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious, making her a valuable asset to any team. Personal Development: Manya's personal growth over the past two years has been truly impressive. She has developed into a confident and mature young woman, exhibiting strong critical thinking skills and a clear sense of self-awareness. Manya is always willing to take on new challenges and learn from her mistakes. Her empathy and compassion make her a supportive friend and a valuable member of the school community. Overall: Manya is an exceptional student who embodies the true spirit of ISGS Thane. Her academic excellence, active participation in co-curricular activities, and remarkable personal growth are a testament of her dedication and potential. I am confident that Manya will continue to thrive in the years to come, making positive impact on the world around her.

Manya Jha

We parents of INAAYA N. JATANIA. are very proud to say that our daughter who is studying in nursery class is part of indoscottish global school. She is really enjoying her classes and every activity taken by class teachers in school. She is very fond of her class teachers . She even pretends to play with me "teacher-teacher" after coming from school. She loves coming to school. We would like to appreciate the teachers and supporting staff of the school for their guidance and support. Even the management staff and all other staff members are also very polite and genuinely good people. We would like to thank the teachers of the nursery class; due to their constant support ,guidance and hardwork, INAAYA has shown a lot of progress and growth not only academically but also as a person she has become "strong , independent, and confident". Teachers teach through activities which make learning interesting, fun and easy.We are happy with the progress of our child. WE are a happy ,proud parents that our daughter studies in INDOSCOTTISH GLOBAL SCHOOL

I am forever grateful to be a member of our extended family - Indo Scots Global School. This is what my son has to say about when school comes to his mind. Indo Scots has gifted us with a 360 degree learning module which has developed insight. A perfect blend of teaching along with sports, dance, music and extra curricular activities to make sure your kid learns that school is more than just books and exams. Indo Scots has fully equipped classrooms with modern amenities, dedicated subject teachers, well maintained and equipped library, safest place for wards, well trained auxiliary staff, turf for sports activities and healthy environment for kids. Perfect school which is leaving no stone unturned towards becoming the best CBSE school in Thane. Really proud to be a part of this school.

Vrinda Sawant

I would like to share my experience with IndoScotts school. I have son studying in Jr.Kg Siv C. On my first visit to Indoscotts School my son Siddhay Joshi felt so welcomed and comfortable, he wanted to start attending that very day! I really loved the environment at school and are so pleased with the balance of play-way teaching practices accompanied by desirable activities like music,reading books in the library, dance, festival celebration and other extra curricular activities. It’s great to see kids enjoying learning in so many different ways. I especially opted for the school for my son because of the teaching and learning environment here. I am very happy that my child is in the hands of such eminent, skilled, and professional teachers, staff of IndoScotts School. I feel extremely proud to be part of the parents' coordinator group of IndoScotts family. The values and foundation, the school has instilled in kids is priceless. I would love to recommend this school to other parents as well. Thanks Indoscotts School

Swadha Swanand Joshi

(Parent coordinator Jr. Kg division C)

Hello Parents, We enrolled our son with Indo Scots Global school from Sr kg(pre primary)and our experience has been wonderful. The fact that my son looks forward to go to school everyday says it all. The teachers are professional and know their job.They give kids complete attention and ensure that kids are attentive and are taking part in extra curricular activities. All the festivals are celebrated with great zest. The groud staff and sub staff are polite and help our kids wherever needed. We like the activities that school takes sports, dance, music new reading,story telling, show and tell is our favourite, these activities give our kids platform to showcase their inner talents.A variety of portions are covered in school. Also school is prompt in giving updates. We are happy and satisfied by taking admission in ISGS and we hope the school keep up the good work to mould our future generation in good human beings.

Ms. Pavithra Patil

Secondary Co-ordinator

As very well said by Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam “If you want to shine like a Sun, first burn like a sun” Role of education in today’s era is not only to pursue academic excellence but also requires overall development of a child. That is exactly what we try to achieve. We believe in moving ahead with all our stakeholders and strongly feel that education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and responsible parents. Together we can and we shall make the ISGS, a best place for learning and growth. We at ISGS strongly believe in a quote by the great Scientist and Philosopher Albert Einstein - “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” By education, we mean an all–round development of the child, in body, mind and spirit.” Students realize the importance of social values like justice, fair play, healthy competition and harmony, etc. Education makes the individual accountable to the community and the nation. With social aims, education gives direction to the society in its development. Education provides opportunities to an individual to develop innate power or intellectual capacity to think rationally and lead his life independently with confidence. Education is a continuous lifelong process. The aim of education is to provide direction to the process of education. There are different aims of education like social aim, vocational aim, cultural aim, moral aim, spiritual aim, intellectual aim, etc. Education should help students to develop their physical, emotional, and intellectual capabilities. On the whole education means holistic development of a child not only restricted to the achievements of academics but also helping the child to come up with those inherited knowledge to build a better tomorrow; with a disciplined way of life. I take this opportunity to thank God Almighty for his benevolence, generous blessings showered upon our institution through various people and events. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Management Committee, our Principal who always guides, gives confidence, inspires and supports me in all that I do. I extend my gratitude to all the staff members for their constant amicable support towards the institution. Finally I want to thank all the students of INDO SCOTS GLOBAL SCHOOL, THANE for their contribution and important role they play in the School to take the School to a greater height as per the Motto “Let Your Light Shine.” Thank you, and God bless all!


Pre-primary & Primary Co-ordinator

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ” To educate young minds is to build a nation. It is important we as educators understand the significance of our role. Teaching is not a job which is mechanical, but needs lot of involvement, passion and creativity. It is a teacher who stimulates young learners and puts life in the characters of a lesson. The various theories, laws, concepts, alogorithms when explained by a teacher are easily understood. As a painter adds colour to a painting, a teacher adds knowledge to young minds. There is a bond between the teacher and the learners which is very much visible in the happy classrooms. Our aim is to create a learning environment where we celebrate success and encourage the learners. We impart a strong set of values and instil character while ensuring holistic development. The school starts each day with smiles and ends with learnings and aspirations for the next day.




The aim of education is to help acquire knowledge, skills, develop a strong personality and live a meaningful and healthy life.Also, the main objective of any student...read more